Care, cari,

c’è una cosa che dovreste sapere se almeno una volta avete consegnato ai Blue Willa tempo, fiducia, curiosità.

Per otto anni si è dipanato il percorso dei Baby Blue, poi sfociato con naturalezza in un altro corso nel momento in cui Carla Bozulich ha accettato di prendersi cura del nostro progetto infondendogli nuove idee e identità.

Esattamente due anni fa concludevamo le registrazioni di un disco e aprivamo una stagione in cui queste nuove canzoni e questa nuova band prendevano il nome comune di Blue Willa.

Per oltre un anno abbiamo girovagato e con 75 concerti abbiamo dato aria a questa musica e siamo felici di averla condivisa con chi fosse disposto a mettersi in gioco insieme a noi.

Oggi il progetto dei Blue Willa si chiude. Il ciclo di queste canzoni si è ora esaurito e non ci sono i termini per rinnovarlo. Da oggi lasciamo che questa musica vada avanti da sola insieme alle persone che avranno voglia di ascoltarla ancora.

Blue Willa

Hello darlings, we’re back in Italy from our European concerts, but in a month we’ll be back in France and Spain! Check out the Tour Dates page for more informations about it.
For now, we have some news to share with you. The video page has been updated with some new live homemade footage (there’s also a whole concert someone shot in Udine some months ago) but, most of all, we have these two new video things that you can watch right here:

Spider / Rabbits, live at Bombanella Soundscapes. Images by Pamela Maddaleno, sound by Davide Cristiani


Good Glue, directed by Angelica Gallorini

Then, the Baby Blue page is growing, check it out if you want to know more about our past.

Ciao, and take care!




Thanks to Cybertree Booking and Modernista

Artwork by Alessia Castellano aka Cuore di Cane

Hi dears! Primavera Sound Festival is over and we’re back in Italy, but you can see a tiny bit of our performance in this video and read our festival report on the website of the Italian magazine Il Mucchio Selvaggio.

Also, the website is growing. We have some new pages and new content:

On the Closet page you can find informations about our past as Baby Blue, listen to the demo of Blue Willa album and watch an underwater video of the song “Spider”, that we recorded some months ago in a beautiful theater in Pisa. From now on, all of the uncategorized stuff we do will be published in the Closet.

On the Troubled Videos page you can see the videos that we usually shot while we’re on tour, including topics such as evil midgets, sickness, gas stations, melancholy, Graziano’s vocal improvisations and a brand new video from our last day in Barcelona.


dear friends,
tomorrow we’re flying high then down again to Barcelona, bound to the huge Primavera Sound festival!
we’re playing there — with our labelmates honeybird & the birdies and Foxhound from Italy — on may 23rd (7.30pm, adidas Originals stage) and may 25th (11am, Parc de la Ciutadella), meeting friends, ringing water, overturning bells & ourselves.

Also, please check out our showcase + interview with Moby Dick‘s Silvia Boschero, last night at Radiodue Rai!


dear all, we finally have our first video out!
it’s a kind of a long take conceived and shot by gracious Graziano Staino.
watch it right here if you please:

hey amici
we’re having some nice press feedback from zines in Europe and other tremendously distant continents such as MoonProject (UK), The Needle Drop (USA), Kulturterrorismus (Germany), Indie Vaut Mieux que Deux Tu l’Auras (France), Caleidoscoop and Incendiary Magazine (Netherlands),  The Holy Filament (Chile) and Brushvox (Romania)! it’s all on our Press page for you to skim through.

we’re pushing on with our tour in Italy and surroundings (going Switzerland and Germany this week!).
please check out our Tour Dates page for some newly confirmed gig.


ciao amici,
here’s a first lot of confirmed shows across Italy (and more):

14.02.2013 Roma @ Circolo Degli Artisti
16.02.2013 Latina @ Circolo Hemingway
17.02.2013 Teramo @ (host)eria – Introducing
01.03.2013 Schignano (PO) @ La Maddalena Pub
14.03.2013 Campagna (SA) @ Sol-Palco
15.03.2013 Benevento @ Morgana
21.03.2013 Modena @ Musik Off Bar (w/ King Of The Opera)
22.03.2013 Bergamo @ Polaresco
23.03.2013 Brescia @ Carmen Town
24.03.2013 Milano @ Magnolia
30.03.2013 Erlen (CH) @ Kulturkartell
01.04.2013 Weikersheim (DE) @ Intesiv Festival
11.04.2013 San Benedetto del Tronto @ Geko
12.04.2013 Ravenna @ Bronson
13.04.2013 Torino @ Spazio 211 (tbc)
26.04.2013 Bologna @ Covo
01.05.2013 Leno @ Primo Maggio Rock
11.05.2013 Firenze @ Festival D’Europa
18.05.2013 Prato @ Capanno Black Out

hey dears!!!
the 2013 line-up for Barcelona’s delightful Primavera Sound festival is finally out, and we’re both excited and shocked to tell you that we’re in – along with our friends honeybird & the birdies!

Check out the thing.